Dancing on the 4th of July

We had a few people over for July 4th. The start time of the party was a point of contention between Larry and I. He told people to come over at noon, while I was thinking more around 3. He really wanted to just serve lunch and then go to the pool. I knew that once people came over and had a beer, they wouldn't be leaving right away, and I didn't necessarily think having people drink for 12 straight hours in 100 degree weather was the best idea. Anyway, Sarah/Dale, Juan/Reyna, Josh/Tirzah and Michael/Amy did come over around noon and the festivities began. Food (old-fashioned BBQ with hamburgers and Boar's Head & Hebrew National hot dogs), washers, hula hoops and conversation ensued; along with the consumption of iced tea, pink lemonade, Pearl, Schiltz, Coors, Miller Lite, Michelob Ultra, Bud, Shiner, and Fireman's 4. So needless to say, people did not leave right after lunch. (Well, Lefty and Amy had to leave because Lefty had a gig that night and was leaving for Austria the next day.) In fact, they stayed long enough for dancing to take place.

It began with Sarah teaching Juan to two-step:
Soon, Sarah and Dale were dancing:
And, since I was busy taking pictures, Larry danced with Cooper:
However, Cooper was more than happy to let me cut in:
Juan and Reyna then showed us what the "drunk mexican" dance looks like. (His term, not mine.) You've seen the "drunk mexican" dance - it is when the mexican guy is so drunk that he can hardly stand up and is leaning on the girl and the poor girl is trying to hold him up. This is what it might look like:
When I showed Juan this picture, he said - "It looks like I'm bald!" In fact, Juan is not bald, the flash of the camera was just really bright. So I said, "let me take another picture of your head so you can see you aren't bald." This is what happened:
Not the results I wanted. So I took a picture of the side of his head so that he could see that it was just the flash making his hair look like that:
At this point, Sarah was also taking pictures. Therefore, there were bright flashes coming at him from several directions. You can see in the above picture that it is bothersome. It was hilarious. Here is a picture that Sarah took that shows both Juan and Larry being blinded:
(I was using a paper plate as a fan. It was rather hot.) As you can see below, Juan has a nice, thick, full head of hair. No bald spots.
Anyway, it was fun. As I predicted, everyone left around midnight, after some guitar playing and singing of songs. (Shout out to Sarah and Dale for helping me clean up.) Another happy Independence Day.


sarahsmile3 said...

That was the most fun! You guys are great.

sarahsmile3 said...

How cute is Larry dancing with Cooper?
So cute.

Pat said...

What fun! Wish we could've been there with you. There were just enough folks there to celebrate. We went to a good neighbor's home for BBQ and such, though it was all inside because of the pouring rain. Since they, and almost everyone else but Larry H are Methodists, soda pop and water were the beverages. They were certainly surprised at the level of conversation--leave it to Dad! It sure beat talking about weather.

Mika said...

Was just doing some blog hopping! Your blog is so cute!

And your dog's name is my son's name!

You are like the 3rd person that has a dog named Cooper that I know (kinda)