friendly wager

Larry, ("Jaime") and I met almost 5 (!!!) years ago. I had been dog-sitting my ex's dog, Miller, while he moved to Miami. (We had been broken up for several months and there was no chance in h -e -double hockey sticks that I was taking him back, so he accepted a job in Florida.) The morning I met Larry, I had taken Miller to the airport so that he could get shipped to Miami as airplane cargo. (The ex was no good, but that's where my love for weenie dogs came from. Here is a picture of Miller with Blossom's brother. Awwww.)
So anyway, I digress. That was an important day for me, because Miller was the last piece of that relationship. Once I sent him away, I was totally free. I felt great. It also happened to be the day of the UT vs. Texas Tech game, so I made plans with my good girl friends to go watch it. We hadn't really planned ahead, so we ended up at a local dive bar in the neighborhood, Rhino's and Jocks. (INSERT STORY OF HOW LARRY AND I MET HERE AT A LATER DATE) Long story short, UT pretty much annihilated Tech. Larry sent me orange and white roses the next day to rub it in a little more. When we started dating seriously, we determined that the UT/Tech game would serve as our anniversary. In addition, he determined that the windmill in his backyard would be the target of a friendly wager: it will be painted in the colors of the winning team. So, it was orange and white for 4 years:
Obviously this year, in one of the best games ever, Tech beat UT. So, although it took several months for it to get painted, it is now Red and Black. (I wanted to add Double T or pirate stickers, but I never did.)

You may be asking what the point of this post is. Well, as we all know, college football is less than a month away, and I'm ready. I also wanted the red and black windmill to be forever immortalized on my blog since I'm not too sure that it will get to stay that way.


sarahsmile3 said...

Did Larry have to paint it red and black or did you do that?

"Miss Bee" said...

Painting windmills is a man's work. hehe

larry said...

It will be orange and white after 9.19

Amy said...

Amen, Larry! That being said: I really could not believe these dumb NFL teams let Graham Harrell go to Canada!