theme nights

Memorial day weekend was great. I know you don't really want a recap, but you're going to get one anyway:

Friday we just ate cheese and crackers and drank wine and played canasta.

Saturday we got up early and went to Home Depot for flowers. We got all sorts of pretty things that will grow in partial shade. We got home and I started on the potted plants while Larry did some other stuff in the yard. We knew it was supposed to rain, but just expected a sprinkle. We pulled our chairs under the eaves and sat and watched for a few minutes, but then we started getting drenched and the lightening came frighteningly close, so we went inside. Not only that, but we were supposed to go to the Round Rock Express baseball game, so we had to change plans. We ended up at our friendly local bar for dinner and few drinks.

Sunday we went to church, then went over to Shelly's house for her first BBQ ever. It was perfect outside and was a nice relaxing day/evening. We got home in time to watch "Get Smart" the movie, which was pretty entertaining.

Monday we went and got new running shoes. I got some Mizunas that I LOVE. After lunch, we finished the yard. I got all my flowers planted and arranged, now I just hope that I can keep them alive! After working outside, I was hot and sweaty and had the urge for a fruity frou-frou drink. I found some random pinapple-mango juice and thought it might do the trick. So, I added a little vodka and a splash of soda, and added the umbrella. Throw in some cracked pepper & olive oil triscuit snacks, and I was really excited about my little homemade happy hour:

I toasted Larry and the camera:
Took a big gulp, and BLECH! They look a whole lot better than they tasted. In fact, they tasted horrible. Beyond horrible. So, we dumped those out and headed to Maudie's for margaritas. This was Larry all mad before our margaritas arrived:

Here he is after:

I also found what might be my new favorite dish in Austin: Chipotle Shrimp Stuffed Avocado. Mmmmmmmmmmm. So, I was calling yesterday "Maudie's Monday" and decided I wanted to do a whole week's worth of theme nights.

Tonight was "Taco Tuesday." Except I don't really like taco shells or tortillas, so I thought about my new favorite dish and got creative. Instead of taco shells, I scooped out avocado halves and built the taco in there. (kind of like a boat.) It turned out really well. Larry loved it and wanted me to take a picture and blog about it, so here it is:

Tomorrow will be "Whatever Wednesday." Basically because it sounds good and we usually do end up doing something random on Wednesday. My guess is either Carino's or Saltgrass.

"Tijuana Thursday" takes place at Plucker's Wing Bar. Larry loves Tijuana Thursday and the cheap mexican beers. I don't particularly enjoy the food at Pluckers because I don't like chicken wings, but they do make a good burger and chicken sandwiches.

"Fun with Friends Friday" hasn't been officially planned yet. But it will consist of either being in a cabin in Fredricksburg with friends or Happy Hour with friends.

In other news, school started again for me, but I'm only taking 3 hours so hopefully it won't be too bad.

Whatever the theme for your week is, I hope it's good. =)


sarahsmile3 said...

I love the avocado taco. You can call it "tavacados" or "avatacos."

April said...

Hey I really like the bowl you had your avatacos in! It must have come from a good source! ;)

"Miss Bee" said...

Yeah, I found two of those for like $1 at a garage sale in Seguin last summer....