I really like decorating cakes. I think I would be good at it if I ever took the time to get into it. Here was my very first attempt:
I got a little carried away, but I had just learned how to make flowers, so don't be too harsh. I never really did another one after that. It takes a lot of counter space and a Kitchen Aid mixer for the frosting, neither of which I have.

But I feel like .maybe I should get back on the cake wagon. I mean, how many of you have ever gone to pick up a cake and been disappointed in the way they decorated it? Or the ugly cursive handwriting they used? Or, if you ever visit cakewrecks, you can see why I need to get back into this former hobby. For example:

Happy Administrative Proffional Day

Really? You couldn't call and get the Bride's name?

Cangrtalation to all the recent graduates.

I'm just guessing, but I bet the person who purchased this was hoping for "It's a Girl" instead of "It a Gril"

And, my personal favorite.... Just imagine placing the phone call to the bakery, and saying, "I would like you to write BEST WISHES SUZANNE, and underneath that, WE WILL MISS YOU." hahahahhaha

I rest my case.


Anonymous said...

Hey lady - if you recall I offered you a side project ;-)

Pat said...

Now that you've uncovered your talent publicly, you'll have a million calls for cakes! I laughed hard at all the mess-ups.

Amy said...

While we were living in DC I picked up a cake for Alan's (and some other guys') promotion party and it said "Congradulations, Majors!" I said, "Excuse me, this is misspelled. It should be a "t" instead of a "d" right here (pointing to the obvious place)" You know what they said? "Are you sure, Ma'am?" Yes. I'm sure.

"Miss Bee" said...

Laurie, any cake at a wedding is a lot of pressure. And I still don't have a Kitchen Aid. But if you want a Duncan Hines yellow cake with a tub of chocolate frosting, I can probably figure something out... =)

Anonymous said...

it's just the groom - no one cares about that one anyway :-o)

Actually we're not doing a groom's cake, so if you feel sassy and want to come up with another fun treat and would like to showcase, OR if you'd just like to drink wine or beer, that's cool too ;-)


"Miss Bee" said...

Hmmmmm.... I'll have to think on that. Sounds like it could be a fun challenge! (But also sounds like I would have to do lots of experimenting with sweet things and frosting, which will NOT help me lose 10 pounds.)