Cali Chapter 3: How did we fit all of this into one day?

Unless you were on this trip with me, you might just want to skip this post. It is going to be really long. But if you are totally bored at work and looking for distractions and semi-interested in hearing about one of the most fabulous days ever, you're in the right place.

Saturday started with us waking up at like 8am AGAIN. We went and had our fabulous free breakfast treats in the Regency Club (can you tell I love saying that we had club access?) and then kind of split ways again. But first, Lindsey and Lana went down and saved 4 chairs by the pool so that we could have the prime spot later in the day.

Amy was training for her half-marathon (SHOUT OUT TO AMY FOR DOING IT IN 2 HOURS!) so she had to run 10 miles. No, that is not a typo. She ran 10 miles while on vacation. Lana and Lindsey both went running/jogging/walking on the beach. I walked the 1 mile to Main Street and did some shopping. I bought Larry a hat, some swim trunks and a t-shirt. I bought Sarah some peacock feather earrings. I bought myself a swimsuit cover-up and a little hair-tie that looks like a hibiscus. I also *almost* bought this swimsuit in red:
I should have, because I tried to find it online and it is GONE. I borrowed this picture from ebay. (If you come across this Juicy Couture embroidered swimdress in Red, size Large, buy it for me and I'll pay you back!!!)

Lindsey, Lana and I all got back around the same time and headed to the pool. Here I am in my new swimsuit cover-up:

The time at the pool was GLORIOUS. I don't know any other word for it. It was not too hot, not too cold. It was perfect. We had the little waitress come by, we ordered some drinks and quesadillas, read our books and visited. To be honest, it might have been one of the highlights of the weekend for me!

Lindsey and I had to leave the pool so we could make our 4pm spa treatments, Amy and Lana weren't scheduled until 5. (Amy and I had scheduled massages, the other girls got a facial.) I had spent my time in the jacuzzi and sauna and was in the waiting room, waiting for my name to be called. I stepped out to get some almonds and Lindsey popped her head out and said - they're ready for you! For lack of a better word, I'll just say that my masseuse was pretty hot. (If you go to the Spa at the Hyatt in Huntington Beach, ask for Adam.) The funny part about that is he was Amy's masseuse right after me. He asked her if there was anything in particular he needed to focus on or that was giving her trouble. Well, since she had just run 10 miles, she wanted to say that her HIPS and LEGS were sore. What she said when he asked what she wanted him to work on was, "My lips!" LOL. She clarified quickly by slowly saying - my LLLLeeeegggssss and my HHHHiiiipppps, but still, that is really funny.

Okay, once we all were done with our treatments, we went back to the room and had some wine. All we had was one of those portable corkscrews that look like this:
Well, it took 3 of us to work that thing. Amy and I held the bottle while Lana pulled the cork. Lindsey took the picture as we were laughing hysterically at ourselves.

Once again, we got ourselves ready, which is quite a feat for 4 girls in one room. I was ready and had Lindsey take this picture of me on the balcony. For obvious reasons,I was not feeling my hair:
I was on a quest to have a "poufy" ponytail, so I watched a youtube video on how to do it. I even called downstairs so they could bring me a fine-tooth comb so I could tease my hair. (It worked okay, but I have to practice some more.)

We went and had dinner at a Mexican place - I can't remember the name, girls??? - and it was really good. I once again managed to ask complete strangers to take our picture:

This is the second guy I asked:
His name was Justin. I remember that, because it was funny that he took a picture of himself first.

Since it was our last night in town, we decided to go to a bar before we headed home. We went to what we THOUGHT was an Irish Pub. 8 million decibels of rap music later, we realized that indeed, it was NOT a true Irish Pub. It was packed, so we asked a lady if we could use the extra chairs at her table. (I use the word "lady" loosely. A better term for her would be a "cougar.") Lana said, "Do you mind if we use these chairs?" She said, "Yes, I do mind." Ummmm.... okay, whatever. We eventually found chairs at a table right next to her. You can see her back in between Lana and Lindsey:
I think the guy's face behind Amy and I is funny:

We could only stand to stay there for one drink, so we finished up, paid our tab and got the heck out of dodge while we still had some of our hearing intact.

We went back to the hotel - and of course, went to the hotel bar. (The Red Chair, for those of you who have forgotten.) It was probably around 1o or 11pm. (I honestly have no idea.) We walked in and the place was ASLEEP. There was a piano player singing some James Taylor, we ordered our strawberry pineapple infused vodka martinis from the bartender (Doug) and had a seat. And this, my friends, is where it gets fuzzy. I'm not gonna lie. But I have pictures to remind me, so I'll do my best.

Let me preface the rest of this by saying, "I think the theme for tonight is going to be TEACH UNLEASHED." ("Teach" is my nickname in this group of friends.) I don't really get loud and crazy that often, but I was feeling the urge that night.

Lana decided that the lower your drink was, the more fun you are. Here we are... Amy is "fun," I am "funner," and Lana is "funnest."

At some point, the piano player (Dean) said something about Texas. We said, "We're from Austin. WooHoo!" and all that. We went and posed for pictures in the famous red chair that the bar is named after:


I stole Lindsey's pose, so they made me come up with a new one:
If you look really hard, you can see the tip of my head behind the chair.

We became best friends with everyone in the place. This is where I earned the nickname "Prez" because of my unique ability to chat with every person in the place like I was running for office. At one point, there was a gentleman in white jeans who said he was from Austin, so we adopted him. He is notable because when we were introducing ourselves, he didn't hear Lindsey correctly and called her "Nancy." I loudly said, "There is no Nancy here!" and totally embarrassed him, but hey - that's what happens when you're around me after three or four or five drinks. (I am not going to post his name or picture, because he may be stalking Lana at this point in time.) We met Molly from LA and her beau from England, Laura and Rob from Phoenix, Big John from somewhere and others that I can't recall at this point in time. We seriously owned that place.

Amy sang "These Boots are Made for Walking":

At one point I gathered all the girls in the bar to sing "I Will Survive" but those pics deserve a post of their own.

Here I am having Amy reapply my lipgloss:
Here I am stealing the waitresses pen because Larry likes free pens from hotels:

Here is the bartender Doug and the jar of infused vodka that we DEPLETED:

Lana and I met some other people and were up at the bar talking and totally forgot that we should probably pay the bill, so Amy took care of the $130 tab. I think Lindsey took care of grabbing our purses and sweaters so that they didn't get left on the red chair. (Not really sure.)

Lana and I decided we weren't ready to go to bed yet, so we said goodnight to Amy and Lindsey (aka Nancy) and went to hang out in the hotel lobby with a bottle of wine. (Because NOTHING says "classy" like sitting in the hotel lobby.) We met some of the soccer boys who were on their way to Jack in the Box. We tried to get them to take us with them to get some tacos, but he said, "My Porshe is only a tw0-seater." Whatever. At some point we took our bottle of wine out to this little cove by the pool, where we discovered some of our friends from the bar. We stayed out there for a couple hours (???) until I think somebody from the hotel told us we were being too loud. Some girl that we nicknamed Maria Maria drank the rest of our wine, so we knew it was time to go. (Yes, I know I am glazing over some portions, but this blog is already too long.) Lana and I went back to the hotel lobby. This is what I look like at about 5 in the morning on the couch in a hotel lobby. (I edited Lana out just in case. She is a big-wig, so I wouldn't want her to get fired.)

So, that was Saturday. I only have three words: SO. MUCH. FUN.

I'm not going to do a whole separate post for Sunday, since it basically consisted of us waking up, eating breakfast (where some random guy that none of us recognized was all, "Hey girls! We had fun with y'all last night!" or something like that), me feeling like crap, and flying back home - where Larry was waiting to take me home so I could crawl into bed and fall asleep.

I highly recommend a girl's weekend to all of you. Where are we going next and who is in???


Leroy Behnke said...

No time for Mass, eh? Ah...livin' La Vida Loca! So much, uh, er, um, FUN!

Lindsey said...

I told you to buy the suit!!!! I think the restaurant was Fred's.

sarahsmile3 said...

I read the entire thing and found it very entertaining. I love the chair pics!

TheBehnkeFamily said...

I read the whole thing, too. I love reading blogs which is probably why our house looks the way it does. It really makes me want to have a girls' weekend sometime. Then I remembered the little munchkin hanging on my skirt and the one bouncing around in my womb!

Oh and I love the swim suit! I hope you find it!