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The "Certification Express" won 3rd place in the office decorating contest. The prize was $10, which they donated to our Christmas gift exchange, which was buying our favorite children's book. We all went around and told people what our favorite book was and then we donated them to Brown Santa. (Mine were "The Giving Tree" and "Bridge to Terabithia.")

I went to the doc this morning and he took me out of my boot and said I should wear tennis shoes. This will help me get my movement back in the joints. My dilemma is this: at least when I wore the boot with a suit or slacks, you could tell that I had something wrong with my foot. Wearing tennis shoes with dress clothes is just going to make me look silly and sloppy. Ugh. At least I can finally shower without a giant ziploc over my foot, so there is that.

I'm glad that none of you invited me to a Christmas party, as I would have nothing to wear. Unless you wanted me to dress up as a giant marshmallow. Next time you see me, don't panic. I'm not swollen and sick, I just really have 4 chins.

I get out of work at 2:00pm tomorrow and don't have to go back until January 5. Sweet action on that, no?

That will be all for now, folks. Been a long week.

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Amanda said...

Maybe you should look for some casual athletic shoes and say you're going for more of a European look. Or how about some Converse?

I seriously doubt you look like a marshmallow. But I'm a huge fan of the mallow, so if that's true, you are yummy, my friend.