Just wait...

Close your eyes for a moment and picture this:
- massive amounts of garland in every color
- printed pictures of elves (with our pictures from our ID badges as the faces)
- lots of bows (like the ones you peel the sticky off the bottom and stick to a gift)
- lots of lights: some strands blink, others don't
- large train cut out of butcher paper, decorated with christmas cards
- stuffed animals pretending to board the train

Remember, the theme is "All Aboard to Certification Land."

I hope you have a mental picture that is clear as a bell. I am going to bet that it doesn't compare with the actual thing. I'll give you a picture tomorrow.

Disclaimer: I am responsible for the old timey schoolhouse and the trees. I told them that was all I had time to do. Truth was, I did not want to be any part of this National Lampoon Decorating contest.

UPDATE: I keep forgetting to take my camera to work. Hopefully I'll remember so that you can feast your eyes on the loveliness.

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