My sister started a blog, which prompted me to post again.  I have to remind myself that sometimes you just write when you have something to say - even if it isn't much of anything at all!  It is the little memories that I'll look back at and smile upon.

Which brings me to this post....

Last summer, I attended a work dinner/focus group.  We had to go around the room and introduce ourselves and say something interesting about ourselves.  So one by one, people say things like:

"I went scuba diving in the Galapagos Islands!"
"I am an Elvis fanatic and have one room in my house devoted to him!"
"I was in a commercial when I was 8 years old!"
"I play the accordian!"
"I am a triplet!"
"I raise show cats!"

As I wait for my turn, I'm racking my brain and trying to think of something interesting about myself.  When it was my turn, I said, "The most interesting about me is that I am fantastically un-interesting."  I decided at that point that I was either going to get a hobby or at least make up something to share the next time I was in this situation.

Fast forward a year....  this week, we had a small meeting at work.  We had to partner up and interview each other so that we could introduce each other to the rest of the group.  And once again, I had absolutely nothing to say.  I chatted with my partner (who happened to be my former boss) until it was time to introduce each other.  At that point I felt bad because I knew I hadn't given her much to work with.  The introductions began:

"She just retired from 40 years in education!"
"She just returned from a 3 week safari in Africa!"
"She won a 24 hour dance-off when she was in high school!"
"She speaks 3 languages!"

When it was my turn, my partner graciously introduced me by saying:

"This is Rachel and she takes pleasure in the ordinary."

And it was perfect.   And true. Maybe that is the most interesting thing about me - I embrace the ordinary.  I'm okay with that.

But I'm still going to get a hobby.


Jessica said...

I have notes jotted all over the place, and one of them is a title for a blog entry that I had Jeff jot down for me on a drive recently. "The Art of Being Ordinary."

And it IS an art. A lost art, if you ask me. And, really, one of the most beautiful ones.

You are ordinary, but also extraordinary. In fact, you'll delight in knowing that you are just. like. mom.

You have really great stories, just like she does. But they're not extraordinary to you, because you're humble, and you don't dwell on yourself.

You're a hostess, never wanting anyone to feel ill at ease, or like they have to try to hard to fit in or have a good time. People come to your house not because it's an awesome house (which it is), but because you're the best host they know. (Props to MWG, too. You two make a heck of a hosting duo.)

You have shoes that you bought in Paris. That's not ordinary. You throw AMAZING cook outs, and baby showers, and graduation parties - and that takes serious talent. You see the silver lining in everything - and being a true optimist is extraordinary. You love to read. You have a Masters Degree from a college far away. You have an epic Thanksgiving dinner, where you host not only good friends and family, but also anyone who doesn't have friends and family to share the holiday with. Do you have any IDEA how you've changed the dread of that holiday for many, by simply being a fabulous hostess?!

Scuba diving and pyramids and African safaris are extraordinary EVENTS, but they do not make a PERSON extraordinary. You, on the contrary, may not have all those exciting stories, but your person, your heart, your life... is extraordinary to me.

Thing is, we're all extraordinary in some way... it's just you're too humble to see it. And that, my dear sister, especially in today's world, is very, very extraordinary.

(Sorry for the novel. Perhaps I'm influenced because I'm your little sister and I've always looked up to you... but I also see Mom fully present in you... and she's the most amazing person in the world, sooooo... :) )

Love you. Ordinary and all. And I hope next time, you are introduced, "This is Bee. She is the co-host of a Very Larry Thanksgiving, and anyone who doesn't have somewhere to go, or anyone to spend that holiday with, is invited to RSVP."

Jessica said...

Gah, that was a blog in itself. Sorry, went off a bit, but I couldn't help it! It just flowed out like loving vomit!

Miss Bee said...

Thank you sister. That was very sweet. xoxo

The Behnke Clan said...

Here's to being ordinary and taking pleasure in it! Which is probably why we get along so well! Though I agree with what Jessica said! :)

Pat said...

I agree with everything Jessica said, except when I grow up I want to be like you! Ordinary surely describes me and my accomplishments...except for my five wonderful children----and Dad had a lot to do with you all. I'll take half credit!


sarahsmile3 said...

I agree with all of the above. I might not go by the same definition of ordinary as you do, but I don't find you ordinary at all. I just find that you (unlike many of us) don't try to hard to be noticed. You shine the light on everyone else and you refresh their drink while doing so.

You a classy lady.

Go on, girl! Wooooooooo!