enchiladas with a side of....

I've been meaning to remember this for awhile now...

I went to see the Lumineers with my friend Linds. The concert was good - very obvious that it was their first time on a stage that big, but entertaining nonetheless. They sound great live. My favorite part was when they started singing "ho hey." As you would expect, the entire venue pulled out their cell phone to record it/snap pictures. They said, "we are so glad you like this song. For tonight, we would love for you to just enjoy the moment and put your phones away. We'll wait." (And he sure did wait like 10 seconds before he started singing!) It was a good reminder that we can all use... Live in the moment instead of Instagramming everything!

But that isn't what this post is about. You see, on the way to the concert, we stopped for dinner. We went to a restaurant I've been to many times... Fancy Mexican food with giant plates. The crowd was a bit different than I remembered but figured I'd just never been on a Friday night before. As we were leaving dinner, I noticed a white van parked just outside the parking lot. It was obviously a state vehicle, so I said to Linds, "It is always comforting to see a food inspector van parked outside the restaurant where you just ate." I was joking, but was curious about the van. As we drove off, I saw that the side of the van said "department of Health and Human Services." There was a small billboard propped against the van. It said: Free STD and HIV screenings.


I guess that part of town has seen a shift in clientele.


sarahsmile3 said...

Say what??? I can't wait to see you so you can tell me where this happened.

I'm glad there is free testing for STDs/HIV, but I find it odd to happen in a parking lot of a restaurant.

Jessica said...

Haha! WEIRD!

But awesome about the Lumineers. I <3 them!