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I'm glad that Jessica, Melanie (link withheld since she wants to be more anonymous) and Amy started blogging again.  It inspires me to do a few posts of my own.  And Darci at The Good Life blog makes it very easy for me by doing the Five on Friday.

Any five things that are on my mind, that I'm loving, etc. Easy enough.

1.  Blue Diamond Habanero BBQ almonds.  I'm pretty sure I'm addicted.

2.  Speaking of addicted....I actually have a list of future posts that I want to write.... one of which includes my near brush with pain pill addiction.  Others include roommate chronicles, USA bucket list and "how we met" since I've had so much fun reading other peoples.

3.  Speaking of blogging more often... sometimes I feel like posting but I hate blogging on the iPad.  It should not be that difficult to insert pictures.  The trouble is that I would have to get up and go to the other couch to get the PC.  That goes beyond #firstworldproblems.  That is straight up lazy privileged snob.

4.  Speaking of being a lazy, privileged snob...I realized the other day when I left the grocery store that I had just grabbed $50 of things I neither needed nor really wanted.  I am wondering who I am to deserve to be able to just buy stuff on a whim. I think I might be having a reverse mid-life crisis.  Instead of wanting to get a tummy tuck and a fancy car, I just want to give everything away.

5.  Speaking of giving things away.... we almost adopted another weenie dog, Rose.  Somebody gave her away/ surrendered her to a vet.  Larry met her on his own and said she was very good and very cute.  So we took Blossom the next morning to do a meet and greet.  On the way, we accidentally took a wrong turn, so it took us about 10 minutes longer to get there than it should have.  As we were driving in, another car was driving out.  Turns out that Rose was in that car and they took her home.  Blossom seemed relieved.  :)

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Jessica said...

Hahaha! I LOVE this post! Why don't I get updates when you post things? How do I subscribe to you?

I love reading your blog. I think you're more hilarious than you think you are...