what would you like for lunch?

Did I ever tell you about the time my sister-in-law graduated? I don't think I did. Here she is in all her glory. (pictured with my brother and their son.)
Dejah (pronounced "Day-yuh") worked her toosh off to finish up her degree in San Antonio. While I'm not a good enough sister-in-law to go to the actual graduation ceremony (is graduation not the most boring event ever?), Larry and I did go down for a celebratory visit and lunch.

My parents made the trip for the special occasion (as did Dejah's parents), so we had a rather large group for lunch. You know how I know we aren't fancy? (and how I know Dejah is a perfect fit for our family?) Because while she could have insisted on somewhere "nice" for lunch (or even Outback or something), we all rounded up and headed over to "The House of Pizza/Four Cuisines."
Four Cuisines used to be a pizza place. (hence the "House of Pizza" name.) But then it added Chinese Food. And then it added traditional American Food. And then it added Greek Food. I dare you to go to the website and look at the menu. Basically, you can order absolutely ANYTHING you feel like. I had some chinese. My mom had a pizza. My dad had a burger. I can't remember what Larry had because it wasn't captured in the picture.
This place was hilarious. Next time you are in San Antonio, I suggest you try it.

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