what's missing?

Nancy, Country and I went out last weekend for a nice dinner and a glass (or two...) of wine. Since we were finished by 8pm, we decided to go somewhere else. Here we are at a random wine bar called Apothecary in the Hyde Park area. (very cute place, I recommend it.)

Do you notice the big empty spot next to Country? Well, that would have been where "Lips" would be sitting. If she was not in Okinawa. Pregnant with TWINS.
Can't wait to find out if they are pink or blue or a mixture of both!!!


Amy said...

*tears* I miss you girls! Pretty soon I'll post a "what's missing?" blog too - and hopefully it will be the beer gut ;-) Alan told me the other night, "I've been meaning to talk to you about switching to lite beer. You've really let yourself go." LOL.

HappyHourSue said...

What a cute blog!!!! Boy do I miss those days of wine drinking with my girls. Now it's called "book club'. :P

Lindsey said...

Amy, Rachel left out the part where she asked a random guy in the bar if he'd take our picture. She was very specific with this photographer to make sure he leaves space where our friend living in Japan would sit :-)
Miss ya!