the bird and the bee

If you know Sarah, you know that she was having some back pain over the holiday break. Poor thing - I'm pretty sure she spent almost 2 weeks on vicodin and bed rest. Seeing as how she wasn't exactly, how can I say, "productive" during this time frame, it was extra special to get a Christmas card from her.

Especially when I opened it and discovered that she *may* have written it while heavily medicated. (Although maybe not - she IS pretty funny even when she is not medicated.) But I am going to share the text of the card with you and let you decide...

Bee & Bird,

I think of friends when I think of Christmas cards and when I think of friends, Larry and Rachel pop into my mind… (aka the Bee and the Bird, or Bee and Bird, or the Bird and the Bee, or Bird and Bee.) Larry is “Bird” because: 1.) Rachel is Bee and “Bird” goes with “Bee.” and 2.) the only other tall, white, magical white guy on this planet who also has the first name “Larry” has the last name “Bird.” Does he spell his name like that? I don’t know. I do know that Dale and I (heart) the both of you and we also (heart) Blossom. Aw, Bee, Bird and Blossom! How cute! 3 B’s. B³. The two humans have a non-human nickname and the non-human has a flower nickname. (or a human TV sitcom character. Or a cartoon character name.)

P.S. I drew that. Dale thought it was part of the card. Ha!

Needless to say, this was probably my favorite Christmas card this year. (Not to hurt anyone else's feelings, sheesh. But nobody else included a hand-drawn masterpiece in theirs.) (And if you didn't get a Christmas card from her, don't feel bad. She was in a bad way. Plus, I made her red velvet truffles so she probably felt obligated.)

So anyway, Larry - the Magical White Guy (MWG) - now has another nickname... the Bird. Now you have the rest of the story.


sarahsmile3 said...

Ha! I was on the vicodin when I wrote that card. Normally, I have a few glasses of wine before writing Christmas cards because it helps to bring the funny. Sadly,I only wrote three Christmas cards this season because of the bad back.

Amy said...

Sarah, that is by far the best Christmas card I've seen this year. Teach, totally not offended that you think it was funnier than mine - I whole-heartedly agree:) Too funny! And great art!

Anonymous said...

We got a similar wedding/congrats card from the Webbs. Always a pleasure....

(p.s. Rachel, your card was really cool too - almost like fabric! Is there a story behind it? I saved them all :-)

M--- said...

After reading this, I feel like I need to Martha (Stewart) up on my Christmas cards...except artistry isn't my forté. Unless you count dancing after a few beers. That's art!

Um, on a side note...Amy and I need to compare photos when she gets back Stateside. I'd have to meet her first though, because it would be weird if I just showed up with my pics from Kadena and started swapping stories. Actually, let's scrap the whole idea. Ha! Gotta love the unintentional pun. I need a nap. Sorry for the random.