Whatchamacallit Wednesday

Do you know what I miss about Myspace? Surprisingly, it is NOT all of the pictures of people in their bathrooms. You know, the ones that look like THIS:

(photo credits: I googled "typical myspace picture" and this was one of many... I do not know this girl and hope that no harm came her and her 18 year old self due to this scantily clad photo.)

My sister, "G", came to visit a few summers ago and we went downtown with Sarah. G and Sarah taught me how it is done...G did one of herself in the mirror, then Sarah took one of all 3 of us.
No, I do not miss the mirror photos. What I DO miss is being able to post random nuggets of sunshine on my friend's pages. Face it, facebook just isn't as easy. For example, if I wanted to give you encouragement on your diet, I might give you this as a comment:
And when you were celebrating your 7th wedding anniversary and your husband forgot about it and tried to make it up to you by buying you a new blender, I might leave you this comment: (courtesy of Anne Taintor... who you will most likely see much more from)
And if your team didn't lose the starting quarterback after the first 5 plays and won another National Championship, I would have commented:
(I will go on the record as saying I think Colt is a class act. Gotta love that kid. And I don't have any photo credits for 2 of the pictures/images used above. If they are yours, please let me know and I will be happy to give you some love.)

So anyway, I decided that since I no longer use myspace, I will use my blog as the new outlet for these random picture/comment/whatchamacallit thingees. and I will do it on Wednesdays. Because, well... why not? I wanted to come up with a catchy little name but couldn't really think of anything, hence the "whatchamacallit." If you have an idea, let me know.


sarahsmile3 said...

The slim fast whatchamacallit is my favorite. I wish I had that as a refrigerator magnet.

larry said...

I like "Whatchamacallit Wednesday". Look forward to next week! MWG AKA:BIRD