plus size

You thought I was going to post something new and exciting, didn't you? SUCKA!!!

No really, I have about 5 posts that need to be written, but first I must complete a peer review on that $@*$ lit review for grad school. It is due Friday at midnight, and no - I haven't started. Therefore, once again, I will merely leave you with a question.

The question is this: What might it look like if my boyfriend were to go into the "Women's" section to buy me a shirt?


I asked why he wanted to buy me that shirt. (It was like a 3x) He said, "You have a blue one just like it and you look good in it, so I thought you would like it."

(I bit my tongue and didn't mention that the Ann Taylor aqua shirt is tailored with a big bow on the neckline, because really - it was hilarious.)


Amy said...

Oh. My. Gosh. There is no limit to the level of pissed-offness I would feel! That is so funny!!

sarahsmile3 said...

Does he know what 3x means? What in the heck is going on here?

Where did he buy that?

It was nice of him to think of you but homeboy needs to get some testing done. I think he lacks visuospatial awareness.

"Miss Bee" said...

This actually happened on my birthday. He said, "I thought it looked big but the lady said you could return it if it didn't fit." To his defense, he also bought me a medium t-shirt that was too small. Sarah, you may be right about the whole visualspatial thing....lol

Anonymous said...

I think it's totally precious :-)

Jessica said...

Annie said "Mommy is that a dress? Thats a big dress." :)

And I think it's precious, too. Something Jeff would do. Definitely.

M--- said...

It is the thought that counts. It is the thought that counts. It is the thought that counts.

That's the mantra I say whenever K has one of THOSE moments.