be prepared

Sorry for the lame "I'll just post some photos and pretend they are blog entries" posts, but it's all I can do for now. For anyone who has been to a BBQ at my house and made fun of me for tying little ribbons around the silverware, just know that it is in my blood. If there is anything I can say that I'm good at, it is being prepared for parties. In case you wonder where I get that trait, this should settle it:

This was taken last Easter. My mom just didn't think that we would have enough paper plates, so she bought more. And then one more package. And then one more.... This was the end result. (Kudos to April for the "Oh no, they are going to fall on me" pose.)

Please keep checking back, one of these days I'll have time to let you see the details of my trip to California and the amazing jellybean game that was played on Easter. Fun times. Until then, stay classy.


Jessica said...

I love this.
Just laughed out loud in the computer lab at school... oops. :)

sarahsmile3 said...

Your mom is like a boy scout.

Pat said...

So-I have a bad memory....I forget where I stockpile stuff--BUT did we run out of plates....for the next three events? No!