The Jellybean Game

This is the fancy crystal bowl in which the JellyBelly jellybeans live during Easter time. On Sunday, our good friends Sarah and Dale came over to enjoy the beautiful day, some fajitas, and some Miller Lites. (Lone Star for Dale.) Towards the end of the evening, Sarah dove into the jellybeans. I'm not sure how it evolved, but all of a sudden, all four of us were in the kitchen playing the "guess what flavor of jellybean you picked" game. It works like this. You pick a jellybean with your eyes closed and show the rest of the group what you've chosen. Then you guess the flavor. It's a lot harder than it sounds. It is amazing how much we rely on association - for instance, I had a grape flavored one but couldn't guess it. But once they gave me the hint that it was purple, I knew it right away. Weird. Anyway, just in case you didn't get the gist of how the game is played, here are some visuals:

Larry is perplexed at the flavor I chose here.

Sarah is showing off her watermelon flavored one, which she hates.

Dale spices up the rules a bit by adding a new element - smelling the jellybean before tasting it, in an attempt to get more guesses correct. He got this one right... the delicious coconut.

Larry chooses some sort of berry flavor. He just gives them a few chews, then throws them into the sink since he doesn't really like jellybeans but wanted to join in on the fun.

I guessed this mango one - which, btw, is gross.

During one of Sarah's turns, Larry cascaronied her:
It appears that he smashed it so hard on her head that he just flattened the egg. The confetti however, went everywhere. (We are still picking it up.) In an attempt to clean up some of the confetti, Larry got the shop-vac out and proceeded to vaccuum Sarah's hair.
Note to self: vaccuumming hair doesn't really work.

The final round consisted of us choosing a flavor for each other. Sarah and I thought it would be hilarious to give the boys the "buttered popcorn" flavor. (Sarah is the only person on Earth that likes this flavor, SICK.) This is what Dale looks like after he has been cascaronied and discovers the disgustingness that is called a buttered popcorn jellybean:

I love Sarah's evil laugh that was captured up in the corner. Who ever said that being a grown-up meant you didn't think it was funny when somebody else ate something gross?

I could be wrong, but I think we played this game for at least an hour. Don't judge. You can't understand how fun it is until you correctly guess "tutti frutti" and have the whole room cheer for you. Seriously.


sarahsmile3 said...

This post made me giggle like a 7th grader.
So much fun!

sarahsmile3 said...

I forgot about the shop vac.

Pat said...

I understand completely. Dad & I used this game while driving. I pick two of the same colors. He gets one, I get one and we try to guess the flavor. The 'key' is on the back of the package. We've passed at least 70 miles with this game.

M--- said...

Am so jealous, must get jelly bellies now. Wishing it were Easter again to cascarone someone! Looks like fun was had by all!