you're invited

I love throwing parties.  The bad part is that they tend to get so expensive and you have to clean house before and you have to clean house afterwards.  But if it was easier to throw a party, I would invite you all over next Sunday for the Super Bowl.  It may be sad that I am planning a virtual party, but I don't feel embarrassed about it, because I'll just file it under "one day I'll actually do this."

To start things off, I would definitely have the infamous Snack Stadium.

(This particular version came from pinterest a long time ago.  I'm sorry, I couldn't find the original link.)

 Instead of queso in one endzone, I would either do hummus or spinach dip.  Then I could replace some of the chips with carrots and celery.  The rice krispies on the outside would be traded for some sub sandwiches.  The first Snack Stadium I ever saw had twinkies around the outside which pretty much grossed me out.  Nacho cheese doritos and twinkies?  I don't think so.  (But a dessert snack stadium would be pretty awesome.... chocolate on one endzone and marshmallow cream dip on the other with various fruits and poundcake surrounding it maybe?)

But I digress.

I would also make a veggie tray that looked like a football field.  Surprisingly, I google imaged that and it doesn't appear that anyone has uploaded anything like that.  Maybe I should do it.  Broccoli for the field with jicama for the stripes.  Cherry tomatoes for one endzone and carrots for the other.  Sidelines of celery, snap peas and cucumbers.  I'm pretty sure it could be cute.

To add a little protein, I would throw together some  Mini Football Subs.  (meatballs, marinara and cheese on a sub)
 I would serve gatorade jello shots and "Even Ladies Get the Red, White and Blues" cocktails in honor of the New York Giants. 

Gatorade jello shots

Even Ladies Get the Red, White and Blues
For those with a sweet tooth, I would have Mini Football brownies, except I would totally frost those suckers with a layer of chocolate before I put the white laces on.

That's all I've come up with so far.  I need one more snacky food and one more dessert for this party that doesn't exist, but I'm sure I'll figure it out by next week.


sarahsmile3 said...

Those mini football subs look yummy! Well, everything looks yummy! You throw the best imaginary parties.

Bevo said...

You make me HAPPY that that the Cowboys will never get there...No expense and no cleaning for the party!