U R Sweet

I am not ashamed of the fact that I love conversation hearts. I have eaten two bags in 12 days. Whats it to ya?

The last bag was a giant resealable bag of "sparkly" conversation hearts from Target. These are a little more "tart" than the regular hearts and quite tasty. As I eat them, I like to see what they say. This year, I was caught off guard by this one:

And then I kept eating and figured it out:

Do you know how many hipsters it takes to change a light bulb?

Oh. (insert the "you poor thing" smirk.)

You don't know? I've known about that for several years.

Let me just go all hipster on you and remind you that I read each of the Twilight books as soon as it came out. I was in a teacher book club and the librarian held them for me as soon as they arrived. One night I stayed up until 4am to finish one of the books and then I was pretty much worthless the next day at school. I probably made my kids watch a video or something. (But at least I knew what happened between Bella and Edward and Jacob.)

Anyway, I love Edward Cullen just as much as the next thirty-something lady, but keep your vampire messages off my conversation hearts. Please and thanks.


Cheeseboy said...

Didn't realize they made such very lame hearts.

It's okay. March Madness I watch basketball all night that I have taped and I am pretty much worthless to my students the next day. We all have our vices.

sarahsmile3 said...

What's next? Are they going to paint fangs on your peeps?

Also, I think the sparkly hearts were done on purpose to mimic Edward's stupid diamond skin.


"Miss Bee" said...

Cheese, you should figure out a way to work March Madness into your classroom. You would be a zillionaire I bet.

Sarah, this may be your best comment ever. It made me (literally) laugh out loud!