on notice

I'm easily amused. I can pretty much have fun anywhere, anytime, with anybody. (Although there are those occasional people that you run into that have a personality of a rock. I try to visit with them and get nothing. I suppose it *is* possible that I just annoy them and they don't feel like answering my trifle questions about what their favorite flavor of ice cream is, but whatever.)

Since I am easily amused, I really enjoy changing the "wallpaper" of my work computer every month. I get to look at something brand new approximately every 30 days, which is fun. I usually find my wallpapers at Smashing magazine. I like theirs because I can include a calendar on screen. This month I chose this one:

(Says: February - because sometimes months are just too long)

I think that March is the month with the best name. For me, March is the turning point of the year. We get to march away from cold, dreary days into days where the bright bursts of green appear. The trees start to bloom and the sun stays out a little longer. The wind still blows and there is still a slight chill to the evening, but we get to march towards long, lazy summer days. There is motivation to get outside and move and take the kind of deep breaths that fill up your entire lungs. There isn't the temptation to sit inside and eat too much or go shopping and spend too much. There is a promise of a little more sunshine every single day. There is Spring Break and Lent and chirping birds and crossing names of a bracket I filled out just so that I could stay engaged in the marathon of basketball watching. March means that the semester is about halfway through. It is proof to the little orphan Annie inside of us all that the sun will indeed come out tomorrow. I don't know about y'all, but I'm so ready to March forward.

February, here is your notice.


sarahsmile3 said...

And, it's my birthday month. Holla!
Also, SXSW.

"Miss Bee" said...

Yes - March is a great month for you! SXSW has a good lineup this year. I should have bought wristbands. Oh well.

Kristen said...

I have never been a fan of March. Spring is my least favorite season, but for you I will try to embrace March....

Cheeseboy said...

Yeah February! You can take your crap weather and cheesy holiday and HIT THE ROAD you fat jerk!

(My apologies to President Lincoln, who clearly would be offended by this comment.)