goodie two shoes

Background: For one of my grad classes, we have to write at least 250
words and answer 4 questions by each Wednesday. Then we have to respond
in at least 200 words to a classmate's posting. Not any big deal, but
there are times when I have to work my butt off to get the appropriate
number of words and get them submitted by the deadline. But, it IS
graduate school, so I should be working my butt off, right?

Well, I am really struggling on whether or not I should tattle on a
classmate. She plagiarizes all sorts of stuff and I guess the professor
hasn't caught on. For example, when asked: "What is the role of HRD
professionals in the expressed ideal of many multinational organizations
to move toward equitable, sustainable, and responsible global
citizenship," her response in part was:

The major barriers that have inhibited the employment, development,
retention, and promotion of diverse groups in the workplace can be
categorized into two types. The first type of barrier is organizational
in nature and comes from the workplace environment. The second type of
barrier is individual and comes from the employees themselves. By
looking at the organization socially, environmentally and

Please copy and paste the above into google. I'll wait.

Huh. Imagine that. She had the EXACT same thing to say as

But wait. That isn't even the best example. My favorite was when she
copied bulleted statements and didn't even bother to revise them and
make them into complete sentences. The question was "How do career
development and OD connect?" Her response:

Create programs and solutions that are linked to specific assessed
business needs and core organizational competencies. Design and
implement strategic interventions through effective delivery systems
that enhance organizational performance. Provide career coaching,
planning, and development actions for individuals and groups to maximize
their professional development and value to the organization. Build
valuable works skills and enhance performance, which provide a learning
experience that will hone day-to-day professional skills, and for
supervisors to create an environment for success.Diversity training was
designed to foster better relations between the various ethnic groups
and genders. Coaching and facilitation to the business front line
management team on an individual and group basis..... (it goes on, but
I've abbreviated it)

This was the post that gave me the first clue that she was just copying
and pasting directly off of someplace else. I mean, this is GIBBERISH.
Well, that would be because the place it came from,
http://www.ci.pasadena.ca.us/HumanResources/OrgDevTraining/ , has it
listed out in bullet points.

So do I say anything? Is there a way to do it anonymously? Should I
just send her a “nice” email letting her know that she should cite
her work? Or do I just mind my own business and suck it up?


"Miss Bee" said...

MWG suggested that I call the professor and just tell him that I really don't want to be a tattle tale, but I want my degree to mean something and there is something bothering me... that maybe he should just look into one of my classmates postings and lack of citing appropriately. I am a little scared to do that, but is that the best way to handle it?

Internets, I need your help!

Melanie said...

Yikes! We're too similar. Let me know what you decide because I wouldn't know what to do!

sarahsmile3 said...

Plagiarism is stealing. It is disrespectful towards you, your peers, and the professor. It's unethical, unethical, and unethical. In grad school, you need to know how to cite your references and why you should.
In short, you better tell on that twit!

It's not like you are going to run into her. Besides, I bet your professor would think a little more highly of you if you did alert him/her to the fact that this is going on. I'm surprised he/she has not caught on yet. WTH?

I think MWG's advice was solid. However, if you want to be anonymous (though I don't think you need to be but understand if you want to be) create a document containing her "work" and the papers/articles/websites that she STOLE from. e-mail that (along with the links and what-not) to me and I will create a new e-mail account and then send that sucker off to the professor. If the Prof can't recognize the student's OBVIOUS plagiarism, I doubt he/she could track down an ip address. **the prof may know this is going on.....but I doubt it***

Amy said...

totally tattle. no question.

by the way - you're such a teacher ;)

Laurie said...

Unfortunately I think so many profs are so busy that they can't keep up with this. I (horrid, I know) tend to be passive- agressive. I might say...."I noticed that others were quoting directly from websites without citing. Is that ok? I want to make sure I understand the correct instructions and what we're expected to do as far as original work, etc" Something like that. Maybe you could even post it to the msg board.... ummmhummm... I had a professor who made us turn everything in early, via email so she could check everyone for this exact thing. I'm surprised this girl has gotten this far doing this. Shame on her....200 words is nothing!

Sarah Marie said...

Completely agree with Sarah-There's really no excuse for plagiarism. ever.

Usually I'm a softy.. but most schools have academic honesty contracts- This girl knew the consequences and made (multiple) bad decisions. Unfortunately, since you're so observant (props to you, btw!) it's now your responsibility to maintain academic honesty and tattle! :(