random fill in the blanks

You know the drill. Friday Fill in the Blanks, Saturday edition.

1. The most adventurous thing I've ever done is hmmmmm....I'm not that adventurous, but going rappelling in Italy or flying on a personal plane on a first date come to mind.

2. If I were a pair of shoes I would be my aqua nine west heels. Comfortable but so cute.

3. My preferred mode of digital communication is texting. I'm not big on phone conversations. Nothing personal, I just run out of things to say. I guess I prefer face to face conversations.

4. I feel happiest when I am with people I love. I'm really not picky - I like just about anywhere, doing just about anything. I like life.

5. A little dream I have for my life is to be the person I'm supposed to be. I'm not exactly sure who that is yet, but I think I'm getting there!

6. The one modern convenience I could NOT do without is well, I'm awfully fond of the blackberry. But I would have to say central A/C.

7. Music, movies, TV or books: if I could only choose one to enjoy I would pick books. No question. I love me some books. Larry keeps asking if I want a kindle, which makes me wonder if he already bought me one for my birthday or Christmas. But I love books. The feel, the smell, the way I can stand at the edge of a pool and read without worrying if the pages get wet.... Wait. I just realized that music was part of the question. I think I would actually choose music over books, as songs create their own stories, plus you can sing along or dance to them. So to make a long story short... MUSIC is my final answer.


sarahsmile3 said...

You had me laughing with your last answer! Books....no question. Music! Ha!

Cheeseboy said...

I am with you on the phone conversations. I am awful at it. I hate when that is my first impression of someone too. I always come off as a jerk.

larry said...

Glad you picked books and music...we got lots of both!!