Dear SunChips,

I really like you. You are crunchy and flavorful. Yes, I realize that you really aren't any better for me than a traditional chip, but I like you anyway.

I also like the earth. I think it is super to be good stewards and I do my part to ensure that we leave a healthy and viable environment for generations to come.

But your new bag? Is ridiculous.
Whoever designed it obviously:
A.) Does not understand cubicle etiquette. (i.e. Don't make obnoxious noises with food wrappers when your dividing "wall" is only 1 inch thick)
B.) Is not ever surrounded by children, who find the crinkling noise fascinating and make the crinkling sound over and over and over.
C.) Does not try to silently grab a few chips here and there in a sneaky fashion.

That's all.


Lindsey said...

you are not the only one...just one of many recent articles on the topic :-)

Amy said...

Additionally, a hybrid of your second and third reasons: You can never sneak a few chips without letting your children know (who can't have any because it's almost dinner time). Still, they're my favorite. I probably won't stop buying them because of the bag. A bonus of living here: it will be a while before we see the new bag - we get all the leftovers :/

"Miss Bee" said...

Lindsey, I feel cultured now that I know I have the same opinions as the Wall Street Journal! Thanks for sharing the link, it made me laugh. I especially like the facebook group: SORRY BUT I CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER THIS SUN CHIPS BAG

Amy, I won't stop buying them either. They are too tasty. And I would send you a bag overseas but I'm afraid that the postal service would have me arrested. You'll have to check it out when you're in the states this fall!

Pat said...

Heard a couple radio hosts talking about the bag, too. Hilarious!

ceb said...

Ha ha ha! I'm TOTALLY a #3 chip sneaker! But I'm pretty sure by the ample size of my rump that I'm not pulling a fast one on anybody. ;)