I am a bad influence

Jessica - my sister
George - my sister's boyfriend when she was 15
Annie - my 5 year old niece
Aunt Bee - me
Larry - my boyfriend

I got a voicemail from my sister, Jessica, a couple of weeks ago. It went like this:

So....I was looking through old pictures with Annie and came across one of George.
And I said, "look Annie, this is my very first boyfriend!"
And Annie said, "Did you live with him?"
And I said, "No, honey, you don't live with your boyfriends."
And Annie said "Aunt Bee does."

I called her back and said, "How did you respond?" Jessica said she told Annie that once she was 30 she was allowed to live with boys, but not until then.

And yes... I did tell Larry that he should make an honest woman of me for the sake of the children.


Amy said...

Yes, I mean, really. What type of girl is he trying to make you out to be? Setting that sort of example? For the kids, Larry! FOR THE KIDS! ;)

sarahsmile3 said...

Sweet Annie deserves an uncle Larry. Not an "uncle" Larry.
That's all I am saying.
I love you Lar-dog.

Pat said...

'nuf said....

M--- said...

I'm stocking up on tissues, 'cause now that I've met him for-the-reals and not just via-the-blog, I say y'all should be together for-the-evah...and I wanna be there crying into my Kleenex when you exchange your vows, even if it's just a viewing of your wedding video.