no keychains for me

So the other day I was at work and realized that instead of my daily, conservative college ring:
I had accidentally grabbed a large cocktail ring.
A bit much for a day at the office, no?

In fact, that ring is just a bit MUCH period. But I bought it that way on purpose...

I was fortunate enough to go to Europe for 3 weeks a few summers ago. I was still teaching and on a limited budget, so I decided ahead of time that I wasn't going to waste money on lots of little trinkets. Instead, I was going to blow my souvenir money on things that lasted - that I could wear or use often. And when I wore them or used them, I would think of the beauty and the magic of being in Europe for the first time.

If you've been in the Louvre, you know that it is kind of like a mall. There are high-end shops branching from every direction of the famous inverted glass pyramid thingee. (I'm sure there is a more sophisticated way to say it, but you know what I mean.) (***Just looked it up. It's called La Pyramide Inversee. Much classier.)
So anyway, one of these shops was a swarovski crystal jewelry store. I saw the cocktail ring, and I just knew that every time I looked at the triangular crystals, I would think of the "La Pyramide Inversee." (ooooh, I'm all fancy now.) And you know what? I do. So say what you will about my somewhat gaudy ring, I don't mind. (Although I don't plan on wearing it to work again anytime soon.)

While in Italy, I got my favorite souvenirs. The souvenir I wear all the time is my leather cuff bracelet:
I love this thing. I wish I would have bought more of them. Actually, I think there were only two and I bought both of them and gave one as a gift. I love when I get complements on it or people ask where I got it - nonchalantly I'm all, "Oh, I picked this up in Italy." Because remember, I'm fancy.

Assisi was absolutely gorgeous. Gorgeous but painful. Painful because that city seriously consists of nothing but steps. You just keep climbing and climbing and climbing, but once you get there - it's worth the trip. This was basically the view:
I also went repelling. (?) You know, where they buckle you up real well and you shimmy yourself down a rope off of a really tall building? It was scary and totally out of my comfort zone, but being that high up in the sky, surrounded by nothing but beautiful countryside, feeling all brave and whatnot - well, it was incredible.

Finally, we spent our last couple days in Rome. I did buy crosses and rosaries at the Vatican, because, well - obviously. I also decided that it was time to spend my last stash of euros on some fine Italian shoes. And I'm so glad I did. I know you shouldn't love material things, but I love these shoes. I got them in a cute shop just down from the Spanish Steps. And the guy didn't speak English but he understood that I wanted to see whatever he had in a 40 or 41. (I also got the feeling that a 41 is considered a GIANT foot.) I ended up with these:
Here is what they look like when I wear them:
So anyway, those are most of my souvenirs from Europe. I'm ready to go baaaaaaaaaaaaack. Tomorrow. Please and thanks.


sarahsmile3 said...

I don't remember you telling me that you went repelling while in Europe! Look at you, all extreme and what not.
I love my Italian cuff and I love telling people it's from Italy.

Amy said...

I don't remember hearing about the repelling, either! Love the goods, though. I'm jealous, as I am not a fancy European traveler.

Pat said...

I think it's rappelling...
Thanks for posting your pix and travelogue.

Jessica said...

Those shoes are hot. I mean, HOT.