the body

My current fascination is the human body and everything it is capable of. (Or should that say "Everything of which it is capable?" Preposition nazis, please help!)

Anyway, I'm a sucker for those stories about a 95 year old grandmother who finished a marathon after getting her liver removed. Or more recently, those people in Haiti that survived days and days under rubble, without food or water.

But this week I am amazed by my friend Amy. She carried her twins for 36 weeks and change, was never on bedrest, and gave birth to:

Girl baby: 6 pounds, 11 oz and 20 3/4 inches.
Boy baby: 6 pounds, 4 oz and 20 inches.

This is amazing to me because Amy is tiny. Well, not tiny - I mean, she is like 5'8", which doesn't qualify as tiny. I just mean she is very fit and slender. I have no idea how her body expanded to accommodate these two little munchkins. But it did. And it's amazing.

(Not posting names or pictures because I don't want to steal her thunder. But trust me, those are some cute babies.)


sarahsmile3 said...

YAY AMY! She must be a strong woman.

Melanie said...

Oh yay! One of each! Since I don't know Amy, you should email me names and pictures! I feel like I know this mama!!

Pat said...

She is super strong...and I love how you've been cheering her on all the way. Congratulations Amy.....