magnetic belly

I got to babysit my precious niece, Molly, while my brother and his wife were having their second child. Molly and I did all sorts of fun things - play-doh, drawing, dancing, reading, and playing with the pregnant barbie.
She handed it to me and I was all - how cute! A pregnant barbie so that Molly will understand that her mommy is pregnant and that a new baby will be coming home!
Out of curiosity, I wanted to see how Mattel made the big plastic belly...
Upon closer look, I noticed that the pregnant belly is magnetic and REMOVABLE! Complete with the baby inside! (You could even position it to be breech if you wanted to.)
Once the baby is "born," you can just remove the pregnant belly and you have a regular sized barbie.
I'm not sure if I love this barbie or if I'm disturbed by it. Either way, I'm excited for Miss Molly to have her little sister.

Congrats to Joe and Mel!

UPDATED: In the words of Alan Jackson..."I'm not a real political man," but I will address the "victory" in the health care reform bill that happened tonight:

The House version of the health care reform legislation narrowly passed with the vote of 220-215 late Saturday evening, but it was done without provisions for the funding of abortions.

I don't know about y'all, but looking at those two babies posted above is enough to convince me. But just in case you need more to chew on... http://www.usccb.org/comm/archives/2009/09-228.shtml

Health care reform isn't just about abortion, it is also about those families you "sponsor" at Christmas, your Grandma on Medicaid and the guys you pick up at Home Depot to build your fence.

"Universal coverage should be truly universal, not denying health care to those in need because of their condition, age, where they come from or when they arrive here." Just sayin'.


Amy said...

yeah, I'm confused about how I feel too...and also a little bummed that I can't really give that to Adam to play with.

"Miss Bee" said...

Amy, if I find a barbie that is carrying twins, I'm SO getting it for Adam. Alan can't hurt me from Japan. (insert evil laugh)

sarahsmile3 said...

Based upon my first instinct, and without giving it any serious thought, I like preggo barbie.

sarahsmile3 said...

I DO NOT want to pay for abortions. Health care reform does not have to be an all or nothing program, in terms of procedures that are covered. I'm more than happy to pitch in for an appendectomy but please don't make me financially contribute towards a procedure that I do not agree with.

Pat said...

Well, Mattel unwittingly has helped educate that what's in the womb is a baby...not tissue. I didn't know they had pregnant Barbies, but leave it to Mel to find one! Thanks for the cute pix.

Melanie said...

It is actually a Barbie that is passed around among our college girl friends when each of us is expecting! I'm passing it along to another one of us that found out recently that she is pregnant with their first! It's a fun tradition and really did help Molly recognize that Baby Sister went from being in mama's tummy to the cute baby in front of her!