last Thursday

Sarah did a blog where you take one picture every hour and then post it on your blog. In true single white female style, I decided to steal this idea and do it too. I chose to do it last Thursday - while I was in Dallas baby-sitting my niece. (Because if I would have done a normal day, it would just be 9 pictures of my cubicle at work, 1 at happy hour, and 3 sitting on the couch...) So, without any further adieu:

7am: Molly wakes up

8am: We are dancing with the bunny that sings

9am: Changing out of pajamas

10am: Reading a book

11am: On the road, headed up to Denton to meet Molly's new little sister, Ellie - and we passed by Texas Motor Speedway on a race weekend

12pm: Meet Elisabeth Rose

1pm: Drive by a big flock of birds

2pm: Larry gets to stop at George's in Waco

3pm: We pass by the Fort Hood exit only an hour after the horrible shooting tragedy occurred (PLEASE PAUSE AND SAY A PRAYER FOR ALL AFFECTED)

4pm: Make it home and see that my flowers survived my absence

5pm: Get started on homework

6pm: Tijuana Thursday at Pluckers with Dale

7pm: (7:55pm to be exact... I almost forgot to take a picture during the 7pm hour.) Shots for Larry's upcoming birthday weekend

8pm: Back to homework for the rest of the night

And that pretty much tells you how exciting my life is on a daily basis.


sarahsmile3 said...

You are such a good aunt to go Molly sit while awaiting the arrival of Elizabeth.
Aunt Bee RULZ!

larry said...

Georges, Pluckers, all in a day...You are the cat by the bar toasting to the good life

Amy said...

I'm with Larry! Alan would have been so jealous...Georges, Pluckers and Texas Motor Speedway, all in a day!

"Miss Bee" said...

Georges and Pluckers aren't necessarily MY favorite places, but my favorite person likes them so that's all that matters...

Pat said...

Great pix! Great idea! That Molly sure has a full set of teeth...I'm looking forward to spending the next few days with her...and her other family members. Hah! That new Elisabeth girl sure looks tiny in Larry's arms.