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I recently bought a gift certificate that I thought I was going to be able to use for a friend's birthday party at milk & honey spa. Unfortunately, I didn't read the fine print and didn't realize that the gift certificate had to be used for specific treatments - I didn't get to choose what I wanted. The certificate was for a "Glam Retreat" - which consists of highlights, hair-cut and style, make-up application and eyelash extensions.

Yes - eyelash extensions.

I asked if I could substitute a facial or massage or pedicure or something, and they said no. Since it was already paid for, I thought - what the heck? My eyelashes are nice and thick and black, but really straight. Mascara and the eyelash curler are my best friend. (You'll see why in my "before" picture.)

So I had to arrive at the spa without ANY makeup on. This was difficult for me, but I followed directions. Here is my face and eyelashes right out of the shower - you can see how straight my lashes are. (Along with my lovely rosacea.)

To make a long story short... Lavish Lashes eyelash extensions are amazing. They work. They are ridiculously expensive (keep in mind they were part of the package I got - I paid less than half price) and you have to lie still for about 3 hours, but the results are worth it. Basically, they take one fake eyelash at a time and glue it to one of your eyelashes. They only last for 6-8 weeks unless you get touch-ups, which I probably won't do. (You get one free, so I'll get that one in 2 weeks.) But you have to get them professionally taken off or you'll look weird with like seven long lashes on one eye and three on the other. But enough talking, I know you want to see the pictures.
And I don't know if you can tell, but my make-up looked really good AND I got new highlights and haircut since my last one was such a disaster. We were at lunch today with some old friends and towards the end, she said - "Okay, I have to know. Your eyelashes look amazing. Are they fake or are you using Latisse?" Neither. Eyelash extensions - who knew?

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