I've been going back and forth over a VERY important decision:

Do I want to get eyelash extensions again or try laser hair removal?

Seriously.  Can you say shallow? Reality check needed in aisle 5. 

(I still don't really know what the hash tag means, but I see other people using it so I'm going to pretend I know.)


sarahsmile3 said...

Get the Lash extensions!!! I'm getting them for spring break. We can hav luxurious lashes as we go about town for SXSW!


Amy said...

Sure, lash extensions are fabulous...for two weeks, then you look like you have daddy-long-leg spiders on your eyes and you have to get them done again. I had IPL hair removal done last year and it is seriously heaven. Armpits and bikini line practically never see a razor, aside from one or two stubborns. I'm gonna say hair removal! But, FYI, if you ever make it over here, you can get extensions for super-cheap. Everyone does it here, it's like a basic necessity for Japanese women.

#neverhavetoshavethere and #Idon'tknowwhatthismeanseither