wasting away

We had a lovely evening with good friends on Friday night. We went to happy hour/dinner at Steiner Ranch Steakhouse, which has gorgeous views. It cooled down a little bit and we enjoyed some appetizers and wine while a guy played guitar in the background. At one point, I came back from the restroom and heard the beginning notes of a song I recognized. I was trying to be sweet, so I fibbed and told Larry that I had dedicated this song to him. Then I realized that the song was "I ain't missing you at all." Not a very romantic song to dedicate to somebody unless you are kicking them to the curb, but oh well. It made for a good laugh. I'll have to get some of the pictures from Sarah, especially if I spend anytime talking about going to their house after dinner. We listened to records (yes, vinyl records) on their sweet new vintage speakers (from the 50s or something) and hula hooped. I truly don't understand people that complain about a boring life. There is always *something* to do. Even if it is wasting time....

I have been wasting an inordinate amount of time on the computer lately. I tell myself that it is okay because I am finding new recipes to try, crafts to make, ways to organize the house, etc. The truth is, there are just SO MANY good ideas out there! I did make a deal with myself this weekend though. I made myself actually *do* at least 3 things that I've "pinned" or I would not be allowed to get on pintereist until I did. I should have taken my own pictures, but I didn't. However, my 3 things for this weekend were:

buffalo chicken nachos
- these were awesome. (and you might think it is gross, but I even used canned chicken since I was going to be dousing it in Franks anyway.) I did not use any celery but think it would add a nice crunch.

decorative bobby pins - I didn't get to finish because I didn't realize we were out of super glue. (But I have all the other supplies)

installed a "favicon" for my blog - look at the top of your screen. Do you see a tiny picture of Blossom when she was a baby? If you want to do one for yourself, it is easy. Just go to "design" and then click "favicon." The picture has to be pretty small and totally square, but if I could figure it out, anyone can.

I also made stuffed peppers, but that doesn't really count since I've made them before. Delicious way to end the weekend, even if I do say so myself.

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sarahsmile3 said...

We had so much fun! I'll provide you with the pics soon. I need to charge my mini camera to get the pictures from Steiner.

I plan on doing some pinterest crafts soon as well. You have inspired me to get-on-it!

I don't see your favicon....might be because I use google Chrome.