I love my blog. And I love all the blogs I follow. However, I haven't spent much time on any of them lately. I'm cheating on blogger. My new love is pinterist. I mean - an organized way to collect all the amazing things I come across? I love it!

A sample from my "boards:"

I'm warning you - this stuff is addictive.


sarahsmile3 said...

Hello, my name is Sarah Webb and I am a Pinterest addict.
It has been several days since I have last blogged. Pinterest has taken over my life. But hey, at least I can make a floor out of pennies or a marshmellow catapult.

Knitrageous said...

Pinterest is the bomb!!! Do people still say that? I like it.

Jai said...

Great. Now my house will be a mess. But people will be getting some great Christmas presents... :)

Does pinterest have any ideas of how to decorate clothing, namely jean shorts, mock turtle necks, and barrettes, with pennies and copper puff paint?

"Miss Bee" said...

Jessica, pinterist will know how to use pennies for clothing decoration as soon as you find my photo album from our Disneyland vacation and scan the photos! (I sent you an invite forever ago so that you would join. I think you will love it.)