starting the second week

Each morning this week, if even for that brief moment at the side of our beds, we want to light a second inner candle. We want to let it represent "a bit more hope." Perhaps we can pause, breathe deeply and say,

"Lord, I place my trust in you."

Each day this week, as we encounter times that are rushed, even crazy, each time we face some darkness, some experience of "parched land" or desert, some place where we feel "defeated" or "trapped," we can take that deep breath, and make that profound prayer.



Cheeseboy said...

Excellent advice. I know I need to rely on the Lord more.

Sarah Marie said...

I love this series of yours!

kind of a tangent- my Confirmation small group was discussing the idea of "spiritual deserts" earlier today. My leader asked us, "who is your John the Baptist?" Which led us into thinking of how in understanding our specific "wildernesses" we can better understand our hope in the verdant pastures the Messiah promises. the why and how of our journey from spiritual poverty to spiritual richness. no one could argue that John the Baptist was a rich man- yet, or perhaps BECAUSE he lived simply, he was so spiritually blessed. Hope and spiritual thirst go hand in hand, I think.. which is why I love this season of preparation and thought, exploring the words of Isaiah & focusing on John the Baptist in some of my gospel readings. :)
~glad to see you're thinking of some of the same things, too, this Advent season!

Knitrageous said...

Someone sent me this poem and I thought of you.

Every person has been given
the gift of a unique self,
and purpose of life is to share the very best
of that gift with the world.

When love and skill work together,
expect a masterpiece.

The brook would lose its song
if the rocks were removed.

The value of a life is best measured
not by the years spent accumulating possessions,
but by the moments spent giving of one's self -
sharing wisdom,
inspiring hope,
wiping tears and touching hearts...

~ All unknown

"Miss Bee" said...

Sarah - (did you know that the other Sarah is also named Sarah Marie? Weird!) You have such a great way with words!

Knit - thank you for thinking of me when you read that poem, that is very sweet. I'm guessing whoever sent it to you had you in mind!