you should blog about this

My Larry loves to say, "you should take a picture and blog about this!" Little does he understand that you have to feel the blog - for me, it should flow easily once I put my fingers on the keyboard. However, there are some things that I come across and consider posting about, but they never quite make it. For instance....

My niece, Annie, took a bath while the rest of us were socializing, and her dad made sure she didn't feel left out:

I had to go to Knoxville for grad school when Austin got a "snowstorm." I told Larry to take lots of pictures so I could see it. This is the snowman that he built on the hood of his truck. He used berries from a bush as the buttons - cute, right?

We intended to go out and do the full "central Texas wildflower" experience, but we never got around to it. However, we did go out to Burnet one day and find a field of bluebonnets. I can't think of very many things that are more amazing than a field of bluebonnets.

My sister and I went to New Jersey for a cousin's wedding. We seriously met cute mafia boys named Guido and Giuseppe. (Jessica, am I right? For some reason I can't remember if his name was really "Guido.") Their late brother was named Mossimo. After the wedding, there were about 50 people in a tiny hotel room and a bathtub of beer.
Finally, I was cleaning out my "make-up drawer" and discovered that I am a mascara hoarder.
(Don't worry, I wasn't using any of them. They were all old tubes that for some reason I hadn't thrown away.) I suppose it is obvious that I am very brand loyal when it comes to mascara. L'oreal Voluminous all the way. I tried their "Feather Lash," pictured at the far right but was not a fan. The one time I had my make-up professionally done, she said that when you find a mascara you like, you should stick with it. I listened.

Just for giggles, I am going to go to my pictures folder and upload the first picture I click on:
Sarah and Dale at Sarah's birthday dinner. That is how you say "3" in American Sign Language.


sarahsmile3 said...

HA! High fives rule!

Jessica said...

1. Annie is laughing SO HARD! Haha! Aw!

2. That snowman IS adorable.

3. Vito. Not Guido. And that pic of the bathtub is hilarious.

4. I use the same mascara. I have 3 old tubes. Let's find a way to call it hereditary and blame it on mom.