hands free

There is a local place called Hoover's by the house that the Magical White Guy (MWG) likes to visit. This is a picture of the entrance to the bathroom area:

They hung a stocking for all of the employees.

You know they like you when they also hang a stocking for YOU:

I think I know why they like him. He is a clever fella. For example, you all know what a bluetooth is. You see idiots wearing them all over the place - you think they are saying something to you and you're all, "Excuse me?" And then you realize that they are NOT talking to you, they are talking to the little piece of plastic that is hanging from their ear. They look like this:

Well, MWG called me one day from the car and told me that he was talking on his bluetooth. His phone is the old Nokia "brick" type phone, and I don't know that they are even compatible with a bluetooth. Doesn't matter... just give MWG a Texas Longhorns skullie cap and he'll create his own hands-free device. Look and learn:


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I just noticed that they made a little green longhorn on his stocking. How cute.