7,479 miles = 12037 kilometers

I just realized that's how far away my good friend Amy is going to be, and I got really sad. I'm excited for her and her family to go experience living in Okinawa and all that, but it isn't like I can catch a good deal on Southwest and fly out to see her when she has her twins. (!!!)

I met Amy when I was in college - she was the roommate of my good friend Lana, and we all went out together when I came to visit for a football game. Then, when I moved to Austin, I lived with Amy and Lana for several months. 3 girls sharing one bathroom was pretty impressive! We had many good times in the house (the "grand prize") and I'll never forget the magnolia tree that was in the front yard. Mmmmm....it smelled so good.

We typically make most of our really good friends when we are young and in school. It can be hard to make friends once you get older. But not with Amy. I knew the minute I met her that I loved her and that we'd be friends.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I didn't have a digital camera back in the days when we would sing country songs at the top of our lungs in middle of the warehouse district. Nor do I have any evidence of the late nights spent talking, laughing, stalking boys or crying over boys, laying out in Port Aransas or floating the river. However, I do have pictures from one New Year's Eve when we went to a random house party (I think somebody was house-sitting at this sweeeeeet house) and then went downtown:
Of course, I can't leave out the White Trash Birthday Bash.... Amy drove all the way from New Braunsfels in her Nascar tank top and top-of-the head ponytail... thank goodness she didn't get pulled over!
I was lucky enough to be a part of her wedding in North Carolina, as well as the "mini" reception she held here in Texas for those who couldn't attend the big one:
We had a blast in California, and made enough memories there to last for a little while. "Is anything bothering you?" "Yes, my lips hurt."
I'm thankful for the couple times I got to see her this summer...especially now that she has her adorable belly full 'o' twins! (I think the picture below was like the last time I got to drink margaritas with her!)
My prayers will be with Amy, Alan, Adam, Baby A and Baby B as they move across the world. And I know that even though she'll be far away, all I have to do is put some SheDaisy on full blast and it will be like she is in the same room.

Can't wait to meet halfway in Hawaii!

"Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends leave footprints in your heart." - Eleanor Roosevelt


Amy said...

I can't believe I get a whole blog! I'm honored. I'd like to thank the Academy...oh, wait...I'd at least like to thank Lana.

Really, though, I'm going to miss you unbelievably too and I'm so looking forward to meeting in Hawaii :) We'll be the ones downing fruity drinks in lounge chairs on the beach while our kids are streaking down the shore.

sarahsmile3 said...

Awww, this is so sweet. Amy, congratulations on the twins!!! How exciting!

Pat said...

I love your loyalty to your friends and the time and delight you spend on maintaining those relationships.