I'm a work in progress

One of my (many) Lenten goals this year is to take my dad's advice and spend time in the morning praying. Since I was running a wee bit behind today, I decided that I could do it in the car. I typically drive with my right hand on the wheel, so I had the brilliant idea to say one prayer for each finger. One Our Father, three Hail Marys and one Glory Be. (Then I throw a "Hail Holy Queen" in the mix because I love that prayer, the words are so beautiful.)

Well, apparently Ash Wednesday brings out the WORST. DRIVERS. IN. THE. UNIVERSE. I got through the Our Father just fine, but by the second Hail Mary, it sounded more like "Hail Mary, SERIOUSLY? Stay in your own lane! Full of Grace, the Lord is with - DUDE! It is called ACCELERATING - look into it! you. Blessed art thou among -ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Why are you going 40 in the fast lane? - women, and Blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus." Needless to say, it wasn't exactly the peaceful prayer-time I was shooting for, but I'm going to assume that the intentions were still heard. I'll try to be better at it tomorrow.


Leroy Behnke said...

Righteous stuff, Rachel. And laugh-out-loud funny, too! May this be your best Lent ever!

M--- said...

I find myself always praying when I drive...it's a lot of "God help me if you don't learn to drive!" and "GOD BLESS AMERICA!" (Which I tend to shout out loud when I'm trying not to curse ..or give in to road rage.

TheBehnkeFamily said...

This made me laugh a lot! One of my Lenten promises was to cut my naps down to one a day. Today I felt so tired that I gave in and took two naps. And we're on day 2. Ugh! I did give myself the caveat that if I felt sick because I was so tired that I could sleep when need-be, but really? Day 2?

Oh! And Molly wore her cute pink Mary Jane socks, stripped skirt, pink shirt and pink bow yesterday. I meant to get a picture but I forgot. I'll take one soon so you can see what a girly-girl you made this baby into!

April said...

I laughed out loud because Adam says the same kind of things in the car! I tried doing the rosary in the car when I was driving too, but my mind races too much. I have found that after I get in a shower I sit in a quite room by myself and that is good! Have a great Lent!