binge and purge

I have an idea for a party. Work with me here...

Go open your closet, and take out a couple of those shirts that are cute but you never wear. Sort through the place where you put your necklaces, belts, and purses. Go look through your make-up drawer and dig out that $15 lip gloss that you only used once because it was just a little too purple for your face. Okay, you've been able to gather at least 5 things right? 5 things that are good quality, they are cute - but you're just not feeling anymore.

If you are 3 sizes smaller than me, guess what - I can still fit into your little leopard print purse. If you are a couple sizes bigger than me, you know what? I can fit into that cute knit dress you think is a little too snug for you. Not to mention, that necklace will look great with my grey suit and ooooh - those yellow flip-flops that you never wore will rock my with my sundress! Get the drift?

I'm thinking I want to invite every female I know to a BINGE & PURGE party. We will binge on wine, cheese and chocolate - while purging our closets and drawers of things that we no longer want or wear. Everyone would be asked to bring:
1. A bottle of wine (or your drink of choice)
2. Around 5 items, the majority of which could be considered "one size fits most"
3. Pajamas (optional, but if you really binge drink, you shouldn't drive home)

I'm thinking everyone gets to leave with one "find," and the rest gets donated.

I'm just in the brainstorming portion of planning, but I wanted to give you a heads up so that you don't get rid of those silver bangle bracelets or aqua tights. Somebody may want them.

**** The name of this post is not meant to minimize or make fun of bulimia. If you truly suffer from an eating disorder, it is no laughing matter. ****


sarahsmile3 said...

That sounds fun!

Leroy Behnke said...

I'll be there. Do y'all have anything in my sizes?

Amy said...

What a GREAT idea! I love it!

Jessica said...

I love this. I'm flying down for it. :)

Amanda said...

Now THAT is a great idea!

April said...

I love it! I will be there, with pajamas just for the fun of it! ;) I laughed out loud that you thought to put the disclaimer.