So - I'm starting school again, which means I'll need a way to procrastinate. Enter.... my blog.

Blogs aren't even a thing anymore.  I know this.  I actually find it hard to believe that I used to spend so much time reading them and seeking out new ones! 

I'm not adding a degree, just a certificate, so it will only take 9 months.  But I'm hoping that it *does* prompt me to become more intentional with my time.  It seems my creativity flourishes more when I need an outlet.   (Although I'm going to have to figure out how to blog from my phone because Lord knows that is the only place I have any pictures anymore.)

Today is just a warm-up to get the cobwebs off.  I'm looking forward to dusting off this old brain of mine and myelinating some neurons.


Anonymous said...

Wait...blogs aren't a thing anymore??

Does that mean if I do actually spend time reading blogs, I'm a loser...or behind-the-times...or both?

Thanks for pointing out that blogs aren't a 'thing' anymore. I must have missed that memo! So....why are you writing on yours again? ;-)

Amy said...

What?! I'm totally bringing blogging back. Let's do it together! Everyone will be like "Hey, remember when blogging stopped being in for that year, but then Teach and 23 brought it back?" Yeah.