dusting her off

I can feel my mind starting to get lazy, and that isn't a good thing.  I figure that dusting off the ol' blog and writing here again is a good jumpstart - even if it is full of nonsense.
Since I need a little security to make sure I have something say, I'm going to use this and this (and maybe a few other things) as a crutch.  I'm not committing to all 30 days or saying I'll do them in any sort of order, but at least it gives me some ideas if I get stuck.

Today, I'll start with making a list.

Things I Keep Meaning to Do:
1.  Get involved in an adult literacy initiative
2.  Pre-purchase birthday cards for all family members/put addresses and stamps on envelopes
3.  Get my principal certificate
4.  Join a conversational Spanish meet-up
5.  Use the crockpot more.
6.  Learn calligraphy
7.  Start cross-stitching and learn to embroider

Baby steps.

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