I don't have kids, so I have some freedom in my desktop wallpaper. Am I the only person that spends an inordinate amount of time picking the perfect one? There are so many beautiful pictures, funny quotes, and posters with unique typography that it becomes overwhelming. However, I have a few that make it into the rotation quite a bit:

"I have learned that to be with those I love is enough." Walt Whitman (currently on ipad)

"Kindness is always fashionable." (Currently on work computer)

"Always deliver more than you are expected to deliver." (Previously on work computer)

"Gratitude turns what we have into enough." (Previously on home computer)

As I was saving these pictures, I came across the one I'll use next:

Currently, the wallpaper on the home computer is a picture of Larry's tweet being broadcast on CNBC. Not the same kind of inspiration I'm accustomed to, but inspirational nonetheless I suppose.

What is on your screen?


Knitrageous said...

Great choices! I download a picture of yarn with a calendar in it that someone else makes every month. Really creative, huh! ha ha

Anonymous said...

My iPad says "choose to see the good stuff." I needed that reminder to go read it again :). My mac says "everything is going to be ok." Anxious much?!


Pat said...

I'm afraid I'm just vanilla...plains desktop with all my icons... I like the intentionality of yours, though!

sarahsmile3 said...

I usually use a photograph I have taken for my phone. For my work iPad, I use a seasonal picture that I think the kids will like. My computers are vanilla (like Patmom said).

Jessica said...

Stealing the "always deliver more than you are asked" one and printing for my office. :)