10 things I've learned recently:

- Emergen-C really seems to work. I'm hooked.
- Nice champagne tastes much better than cheap/regular priced stuff. And it is true that it does not give you a headache.*
- Buying a new car is stressful, but it really does feel good to drive it around.
- My family is far more functional than I ever realized as a child.
- I really do love to cook, I've just gotten lazy. We got a Pioneer Woman holiday cookbook (thanks Stacy!) for Christmas and I've already made 2 recipes. I'm going to use it every holiday.
- It is okay to be a cardigan girl.
- I really like sleeping in.
- I really like reading.
- I really like gummy products but really dislike what we've dubbed "gummy tummy." (This is the horrible, lethargic feeling that comes with eating a tub of spice drops. Hypothetically, of course.)
- I truly loved my Blackberry.

*disclaimer - it is possible that the champagne tasting good and not causing a hangover is because I didn't drink it excessively and was in bed at a decent hour.


Anonymous said...

Or you had all those tummies to soak it up ;)


Jessica said...

I've learned that I suck at blogging. Better get back to it. Good job on ringing in the new year with a little writing!

Jessica said...

FYI, gummy tummy is so appropriate for how spice drops make me feel, too! Gross! Why can't I ever just stop at, like, 10? Why do I have to eat the WHOLE BAG?