a ghost

So the other day, I had to run into the grocery store. As I walked in, I saw the back of a man at the change counting machine. He had on those clunky Doc Martin style boots, faded blue jeans with the carpenter pockets, a polo type shirt and brown hair cut like a Marine. He was about 6'3 and 230 pounds, fairly muscular. I was 99% sure it was an ex-boyfriend... One that was not a nice person - it honestly made sense to me that maybe karma had finally caught up with him and he was relying on that change he was cashing in for his next meal.

So I did what any God-fearing, forgiving woman would do..... I sashayed right past him, making sure I held my stomach in and my chest out. (And I was so thankful I looked pretty cute that day, even if I did say so myself.)

It wasn't him.


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Jennifer Good said...

oh god, now my ghosts are gonna appear since I read this post! Was just reading past posts of mine and rechecking out the blogs of those who commented. So Hi!

Jessica said...

:) Like a boss.