Remember that time when I blogged every couple days?  Yeah.  Me neither. 

It is kind of weird - you would think that being in grad school would have prevented me from blogging, when in reality, I guess it was my outlet for all things nonsense related. 

Speaking of nonsense:


It was almost exactly a year ago that secret agents threw my surprise graduation party - where I went from being "Miss Bee" to "Master Bee." 

That was fun.  I think we should have another party, because that was really the last one we've had.  Would people play along if I had a "Now you can wear white" Memorial Day party?  (As in they should wear white?  Shoes and all?) 


And speaking of college-ish things - I finally paid off my undergraduate student loan.  Sweet!  Unfortunately, that was also my oldest line of credit, so "closing" it by paying it off also lowered my credit score by 2 points.  Seriously?  Since when is paying off a loan a liability?  Whatever.


I do not like the song "Call Me Maybe."  But I will be patient with people that do, as I heard "Straight Up" by Paula Abdul the other day and was like, "Oh my gosh - this song is terrible!  How did I like it?"  Of course, then I also started singing, "Hey baby!  I'm forever your girl."  So - like I said, I'll be lenient with anyone who chooses to like it. At the end of the day, music is all about making you happy.  So if that song makes you happy, more power to ya.


Did you know there is such a thing as too many Groupon/Living Social/Moolala/Eversave/etc deals?  I'm currently trying to figure out when to schedule my riverboat tour, wine class and car detailing.  Also need to determine when I should order my 144 custom fortune cookies.  


Dear people who are on the feeding-tube diet:



"I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells." - Dr. Seuss


sarahsmile3 said...

Are we having Amy's "passed the bar" party at your place? Dale and I will help with the prep, as will Michael, Misty and Mandi. Woot!

Congrats on paying off that loan! WOW!

sarahsmile3 said...

P.S., maybe we could have it on memorial day and do your white thing! I am dying to wear my new white skirt! Can you imagine all of us, in white, standing in your back yard? I love it!

p.p.s, maybe I should not try to make plans for parties in your blog comments. Ha! sorry!

"Miss Bee" said...

Hmmmm! That's an idea! I'll talk to the mister!

Kristen said...

I want the cleaning service offered on Groupon, I am an alternative rock loving girl who heard Call Me Maybe and did wiggle a bit in my seat. I never wear white - for fear that my lack of feeding tube diet will be too apparent!