rotten shrimp

Recently, there have been several times that I've thought of something I wanted to blog about. Obviously, I wasn't near a computer and quickly forgot what the topic was. Not sure where the blogspiration has gone, but I'm confident it will return. If nothing else, I'll at least be providing a picture heavy post that recaps my recent fly-fishing adventure. I had an Oklahoma fishing license, waders, boots, and furry little flies - the whole shebang. (And yes.... I caught a fish!)

In the meantime:

- Note to everybody - get off Tim Tebow already. (And if you never saw the video from when he was at Florida and took that girl with the brain tumor to an awards show, you should. If you still want to hate on him after that, go for it, but there is probably something wrong with you.)

- We almost switched to an artificial Christmas tree this year since the real ones give us such bad allergies. We aren't quite ready to make that commitment and will be heavy on the Zyrtec and kleenex again this year.

- My dog's breath is excruciatingly bad. I shouldn't admit that, but it is. I need to remind myself to take her to the vet to get that teeth-cleaning procedure done over the Christmas break.

I will leave you with the mental image of rotten shrimp - since that is what Blossom's breath smells like. You're welcome.


sarahsmile3 said...

Aw, that's nasty.
You crack me up!

Amy said...

Ugh, Rosie too. I tell her all the time that she as "dragon breath," as if it's an insult to her, when really it's on me.

My "word verification" is puntocro. WTF?