3 things and a song

I've got nuthin'. It isn't that I haven't done anything fun lately or nothing is going on, I just am not feeling bloggy. Which makes me sad, because I celebrate my something year anniversary this month. Either 3 or 4, I can't remember. I think it is 3.

Larry listens to a local sports show every M-F from 4-7pm. EVERY M-F. I know all the songs, catch-phrases and "bits" that they show does. Since I'm subjected to it every day, I'm going to steal one of their bits - - - it is called 3 things and a song.

My 3 things for today:

It appears that facebook did not get hacked. I kind of wish it would have been, as the new version stinks. In that same vein, I'm tired of Pinterest's "error" messages. If they want to play with the big boys, they need to get that stuff fixed.

I like to say I have a "hitch in my giddy-up" when my foot or leg or something hurts. I don't know if that is the correct usage, but it is fun to say. (So is "hunker down" for when you don't feel like going out.)

I just got $68 worth of Christmas cards for $0. (well, the groupon cost $19, so I guess it actually cost me $19. But when I clicked "submit order," the amount due was $0, so it felt like it was free!)

My song for today:

Fragile Bird (City and Colour)


sarahsmile3 said...

Nice groupon deal! I missed that one.

Amy said...

This groupon business really ticks me off. I do not like being out of the loop on fabulous deals. When do you think Groupon Okinawa will happen?