I can't remember if I already told y'all this, but I was reminded of it this morning and wanted to be sure I have it written down.

We have a good and honest mechanic named Quan. He will take a look at the problem and let us know what parts we should go get. This usually allows us to save money, because we just go to Auto Zone and bring him the parts. He is Vietnamese and his English can be difficult to understand at times.

A few months ago, Larry's truck was running horribly. He took it into Quan and was told that "the #4 pluck wire is bad." Larry knows quite a bit about cars and this seemed strange, but Quan never steered him wrong before, so he just went out to get the part. Only dealers sell individual wires, so Larry went to the Ford house and asked for a "#4 pluck wire." The guy behind the counter said, "you mean a plug wire?" And Larry said, "yeah" and acted all cool like that is what he said to begin with.

So now, anytime I hear anything about spark plugs or plug wires, I always insert the word "pluck." Try it. It's fun.


Cheeseboy said...

Haha! That had me laughing. I bet your husband never lives that down.

sarahsmile3 said...

My car is at Quan's as I type this. I had a bad spark pluck....I mean, plug.

I would pay money to see Larry and Quan have a conversation. Larry can sometimes be a little hard to understand...remember the time we all thought he was saying "saws" when he was actually saying "sauce?"


larry said...

I don't find this funny...ok I do