alot is not a word.... you don't write alittle, acantaloupe, aporkchop*,

I guess I just don't understand why "you're" vs. "your" is so hard. YOU ARE vs. SOMETHING YOU OWN. I don't get it. Which is why I love this*. I might actually buy the poster.

(And yes- before that you feel that it is necessary to remind me that I misspelled weird... I remember. It haunts me to this day. I woke up at 3am and realized it. but by the time I came back to the blog to correct it, somebody had already noticed...)


Anonymous said...

I Love the Oatmeal.

I have the worst time with a, an, then, than....

BUT I have no troubles with it's, its, effect and affect. yay!

I wanted to teach English in the beginning - which leads me to the perfect shirt for me:

I Majored in English - You Do The Math.

A.D.H. -oh look, a rainbow!

Amy said...

I know! With the explosion of social networking via the internet came the appreciation for grammatical correctness and spelling. I mean, we all overlook things now and then, but some people are seriously bad!

sarahsmile3 said...

I am guilty of comma abuse. I neglect them, overuse them, and misuse them. It's my weakness.

Aaron and Andie said...

I have to agree. Their, They're, and There are all misused and mistyped. Your and You're are just two more to add to the list. Ain't isn't a word, but people often times use it (more than I would like). I cringe at the very thought of it. It's and Its are another grammatical issue. And, Effect and Affect are very much so just as bad. I don't mind the slips every now and then, but when it's consistent, that bothers me. However, I will never undermine someone's intelligence and correct them because I'm not perfect and make mistakes myself. "You and I", "Him/Her and me" It's all tricky. The English language is a very funny thing. When a Mexican or another non-English speaking person learns our language, it's not easy. In fact, our language is supposedly the most difficult to learn (hard to believe really), and more often than not, they speak it better. :-)~